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IBON Primer on a New Climate Protocol

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ibon primer on a new climate protocol

From Chapter 1:

“The conditions in Planet Earth have undergone and continue to undergo incredibly dramatic and extreme changes throughout its billions of years of evolution. In past eons, there have been extended warm periods, lasting millions of years, interspersed with severe ice ages, also lasting millions of years. These long-period climatic shifts and climatic cycles are now understood to be part of natural Earth and solar cycles, including variations in the Sun’s output, the Earth’s orbit, and tectonic cycles. They have shaped the world as modern Homo sapiens inherited it some hundreds of thousands of years ago.

However, an absolutely new phenomenon has been occurring for more than a century now: an unnatural process of climate change, characterized by marked global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions, which in turn are generated by the large-scale and cumulative impact of human activities on the atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.”

Download here: IBON Primer on a New Climate Protocol


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